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Water Treatment Application AODD Pumps Water Treatment Application AODD Pumps

1 Inch Aluminum Diaphragm Pump

ModelGK25 Aluminum Diaphragm Pump
Max.Working Pressure120psi (0.84Mpa, 8.4bar)
Max.Flow Rate40 gpm (150 lpm)
Max.Reciprocating Speed276cpm
Max.Suction Height(Dry Sucking)5m
Max.Permitted Grain0.16in. (4mm)
Max.Air Consumption45scm (22.5L/s)
Air Inlet Size1/2in.
Air Outlet Size3/4 in.
Fluid Inlet Size1 in.
Fluid Outlet Size1 in.
WeightAluminum pump 8.2kg

Product Description

1 Diaphragm Pump: The Ultimate Guide to Efficiency and Reliability


Welcome to the ultimate guide to 1 diaphragm pumps! In this comprehensive article, we will explore the efficiency, reliability, and versatility of 1 diaphragm pumps. Whether you are a professional in the industry or a curious individual seeking knowledge, this guide will provide you with valuable insights into the world of diaphragm pumps. So, let's dive in and discover the wonders of the 1 diaphragm pump.

Diaphragm Pump: A Versatile Solution for Fluid Transfer

A 1 diaphragm pump is a type of positive displacement pump that utilizes a flexible diaphragm to transfer fluids. This pump consists of a diaphragm, valves, and a housing chamber. When the diaphragm is actuated, it creates suction, drawing the fluid into the pump chamber. As the diaphragm is further compressed, the fluid is expelled through the discharge valve, ensuring a continuous flow.


Industries InvolvedApplications
Petrochemical IndustryCrude oil, heavy oil, grease, mud, sludge, etc.
Chemical InsdutryAcids, alkali, solvents, suspended solids, decentralized system
Wastewater TreatmentLime milk, Soft Sediments, Sewage, Chemicals, Wastewater
Electronic IndustrySolvents, electroplating fluid, cleaning fluid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, waste acids, corrosive acids, polishing solutions / liquid
Nuclear Power IndustryPipeline system, nuclear station lubrication system and common island(CI) wastewater treatment
Automobile IndustryPolishing emulsions, oils, coolants, automotive priming, oil emulsion paints, varnishes, varnish additives, degreasers / degreasing fluid, paints, etc.
Pharmaceutical IndustrySolvents, acids, alkalis, plant extracts, ointments / cream, plasma and other pharmaceutical liquids
Ceramic IndustryMud, Slurry pottery, Lime milk, Clay Slurry
New Energy IndustryFluid transportation, sewage discharge, solid-liquid separation, etc.
Metallurgical, Casting and Dyeing IndustryMetal slurries, hydroxide and carbide slurries, dust washing slurries, etc.
Ink Industry / Painting Industry /Coating IndustryResins, Solvents, Colorants/Coloring Agent, Paints, etc.
Food and Beverage IndustryFood - Liquid semi-solid, chocolate, salt water / brine, vinegar, syrup, vegetable oil, soybean oil, honey, animal blood.
Beverage - Yeast, syrups, concentrates, gas-liquid mixtures, wines, fruit juices, corn pulp / corn steep liquor, etc.
Cosmetic IndustryDetergent, Shampoo, Lotion, Emulsion, camphor ice / Hand Cream, Surface active agent / Surfactant
Mining IndustryCoal slurry, magma, mud, mortar, explosive slurry, lubricating oil / lubricant, etc.
Paper IndustryBinder / adhesives, resin, paint, ink, pigment, hydrogen peroxide, etc.
Textile IndustryChemical dyes, resins, glues, etc.
Construction IndustryGrout, ceramic tile adhesive, rock slurry, ceiling paint, etc.
Furniture Industryadhesives, varnishes, decentralized system / dispersions, solvents, color agent / colorants, sapwood glue, epoxy resins, starch binders
Shipbuilding Industrywater, wastewater, Residual oil, brine
Electric Power IndustrySolvents, electroplating fluid, cleaning fluid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, waste acids, corrosive acids, polishing solutions / liquid
Environmental Protection IndustryWastewater, Recycled water, Chemical solution (wastewater treatment)
Coal IndustryIt is responsible for spraying water during coal mining to remove dust and reduce the temperature of mining tools.
Biotechnology IndustryAcids, alkali, solvents, suspended solids, decentralized system

Advantages of 1 Diaphragm Pumps

1 diaphragm pumps offer numerous advantages that make them a popular choice in various industries:

1. Self-priming: These pumps are capable of self-priming, eliminating the need for external priming devices and ensuring hassle-free operation.

2. Dry-running capability: The diaphragm design allows 1 diaphragm pumps to operate without damage even when running dry, protecting the pump from potential failures.

3. Versatility: With the ability to handle a wide range of fluids, including corrosive, abrasive, and viscous materials, 1 diaphragm pumps provide versatile solutions for diverse applications.

4. Easy maintenance: Diaphragm pumps are designed for easy maintenance, with simple disassembly and reassembly procedures, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

The Working Mechanism of a 1 Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm Pump Components

Before delving into the working mechanism, let's understand the key components of a 1 diaphragm pump:

1. Diaphragm: The flexible diaphragm, often made of rubber or thermoplastic materials, separates the fluid being transferred from the reciprocating mechanism.

2. Valve system: The pump utilizes valves, including inlet and outlet valves, to regulate the flow direction and prevent backflow.

3. Housing chamber: The pump chamber houses the diaphragm and valves, ensuring proper sealing and controlled fluid transfer.

4. Actuator: The actuator, typically an electric motor or pneumatic system, provides the reciprocating motion required to actuate the diaphragm.

The Working Process of a 1 Diaphragm Pump

The working process of a 1 diaphragm pump can be summarized in the following steps:

1. Suction stroke: When the diaphragm is in the initial position, the suction valve opens, and the diaphragm moves away from the pump chamber, creating a vacuum. This vacuum draws the fluid into the chamber.

2. Discharge stroke: As the actuator moves the diaphragm in the opposite direction, the suction valve closes, and the diaphragm compresses the fluid in the chamber. The discharge valve opens, allowing the fluid to exit the pump through the discharge port.

3. Reversal of strokes: The actuator continues the reciprocating motion, causing the diaphragm to return to its initial position. The discharge valve closes, and the suction valve opens again, preparing for the next suction stroke.

This cyclical process ensures a continuous flow of fluid through the 1 diaphragm pump, enabling efficient and reliable fluid transfer.

Introducing the GK80 Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump: Unmatched Quality and Performance

Are you in search of a reliable and efficient solution for your fluid transfer needs? Look no further! GIN KAI TECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD (GK) is proud to present the GK80 Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump, a true game-changer in the world of diaphragm pumps.

At GK, we specialize in manufacturing top-of-the-line air-operated diaphragm pumps, electric diaphragm pumps, and piston pumps. Our commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry. With our GK80 Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump, you can experience the pinnacle of excellence and reliability.

The GK80 Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump boasts a unique feature that sets it apart from the competition: the up-down inlet and outlet design. This innovative configuration allows for enhanced efficiency and seamless operation. Whether you need to transfer liquids, chemicals, or even abrasive fluids, the GK80 can handle it all with ease.

One of the key advantages of our GK80 Diaphragm Pump is its durable construction. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this pump is built to withstand the toughest operating conditions. The corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel ensure longevity and reliability, even when handling aggressive or corrosive fluids.

To ensure a smooth and noise-free operation, every GK80 Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump is equipped with a specially designed silencer. This thoughtful addition reduces noise levels during operation, providing a quieter working environment while maintaining optimal performance.

GK takes pride in delivering products that exceed customer expectations. When you choose the GK80 Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump, you can trust in its superior performance, efficiency, and longevity. Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our manufacturing process, from design to production and testing.

Experience the difference of the GK80 Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pump and unlock a new level of productivity and reliability in your fluid transfer applications. Trust in GIN KAI TECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD (GK) for all your diaphragm pump needs. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional products and how they can benefit your operations.